Moving Tips

Decide on the City

For most people, moving to a new city is something we do because we have to. Whether it be for a job, significant other, or school, moving out of our comfort zone—where we currently are—is typically brought on by an external factor. If that is the case, the decision of where is almost always made for you.

If you are part of the second group—moving out of choice—then you will need to decide which city you want to go to. Many times, people decide to move out of their current city because they are unhappy with their lifestyle. Whether it’s an unfulfilling job or relationship, or just purely for a change of scenery, a new city can provide a fresh outlook on life. Maybe you have recently visited a new city such as Sedona, Arizona, or Ocean City, Maryland, and fell in love with the area, or are blindly taking a leap of faith and moving sight unseen. No matter your reasoning, choosing where you want to live will be step number one.

Research the City

Now that you have decided where you are moving to, it is a great idea to find out as much as you can about the area. Spend some time online reading about the city, things to do, popular neighborhoods, amenities offered, and more.

If you are moving a family, that is interested in a long distance moving, it would be prudent to find out information on schools, medical services, recreation facilities, and community parks. Going alone? It would still be time well spent looking into entertainment, services, and overall livability.

Take a look at what the locals have to say! No one knows this city like a lifelong resident. Reading local blogs, social media pages, columns, and more will give you valuable insight into what it is truly like living in the city. Have questions of your own? There are many different forums online that allow you to post questions and receive responses.

Research Where You Want to Live in the City

Beyond the city as a whole, you will want to do additional research on where within the city you want to live. At this point in your research, it may make sense to enlist the services of a local real estate agent. Realtors wear many different hats, some of which are tour guides and local historians. An experienced agent can tell you the ins and outs of neighborhoods, suburbs, communities, and subdivisions throughout the city. Not only are they a fountain of valuable knowledge, but they can also help pair you with the area that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Some important topics to research when considering an area to live in your new city should include:

  • Is the neighborhood or community safe?
  • The distance to work/school/extracurriculars
  • Are there public transportation stops nearby?

Before finalizing any living arrangements, most people will want to take a trip to their new city and scout out the area for themselves. Planning a mini-stay in a neighborhood you are considering is an excellent way to see firsthand what it will be like to live there. Try booking an Airbnb for a weekend or even a week and you will be able to learn things you didn’t even know you’d care about.

When purchasing a home, many buyers will want to walk through the property before putting in an offer. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions regarding the neighborhood and what it will be like when you live there.

Plan the Move

Once the move date has been scheduled you are able to plan the actual move. If you are moving a significant amount of belongings a significant distance, you will want to look into all your options.

U-Hauls are a popular moving option and allow people to pack up their belongings and drive them to their new city on their own. For some, this is not an option as they have too much to transport or the distance is too far. If this is the case, there are many companies available that will ship belongings on your behalf.

Pricing out a number of moving options will ensure you find the best method at the best rate to suit your needs and budget.

Moving is an exciting and overwhelming task, and when coupled with the prospect of heading to a new city, it can feel downright terrifying. However, with research and planning, the process can become a whole lot easier! Regardless of what is drawing you to a new city—a job, a person, or an adventure—remember to embrace the change and have a little fun!