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    Are you in a rush for a quick move in Los Angeles? Affordable Moving Company is your go-to for same-day movers in Los Angeles. Forget the stress of last-minute moving; our professional team is ready to help the same day you call. We’re not just about moving your items; we offer a complete turnkey solution for any moving challenge.

    From furniture assembly and disassembly to transporting delicate or large items, and even detailed planning with strict time constraints, we’ve got you covered. With Affordable Moving, you can expect thorough packing, sorting, and safe storage of your belongings. We specialize in various moves, be it an apartment, a large house, or an office space.

    Our local knowledge of LA’s streets ensures we find the best routes, saving you precious time. Our commitment to quality service means treating your home with care and ensuring the safety and documentation of all your belongings.

    Same-day Moving Price

    2 Movers + Truck

    $ 129 .00
    per hour

    3 Movers + Truck

    $ 169 .00
    per hour

    4 Movers + Truck

    $ 209 .00
    per hour

    Same Day Moving Services in Los Angeles

    Our same-day moving services mean a team arrives at you in a wink right after you make a call. We do much more than move your belongings from one address to another. When you hire same-day movers from an Affordable Moving Company, you receive a turnkey solution for a case of any difficulty level. According to your request, we can include the following operations in your order:
    • assembling & disassembling furniture;
    • performing difficult transportation (e.g., artworks, fragile or large items)
    • packing and sorting your belongings and organizing their storage;
    • planning your move in detail, setting strict time limits;
    • providing you with packing materials & supplies at your request.
    We come to any move with craft wrapping paper and supplies for packing. We can come with a custom set of materials if you need them. Affordable Moving has experience in organizing different kinds of relocations. Our managers can assist you in moving an apartment, a 3-bedroom house, or a whole office with multiple workplaces.

    Local Same-Day Moving

    We are a professional moving company in LA, and we know this city better than anyone else. When you have harsh time restrictions, we will offer you the best routes – everything to save you valuable time, even on crowded roads. We focus on local moving in CA specifically because it provides our clients with an individual approach and comfort nearby during the moving process. Our reputable movers in Los Angeles treat your home with care and attention to leave it in the best condition at the end of the day. You can be sure that all your things will be kept in safety. After packing, we put labels on boxes, list them and take photos to have everything fixed and documented. After the relocation is finished, we check this list and prove that everything was recovered and remembered. When your belongings are on the way to your new apartment, someone from our team always stays in contact. You can call or text them any minute to check all things up.

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire Same-Day Movers?

    The average cost of moving services in the Los Angeles area varies strongly, and it is not as cheap as than a regular one. The price depends on the size of your house, the number of belongings, and the place they take in the truck. If you have many items to carry out, we will hire a bigger team at your request for an additional payment. Choosing our same-day moving service in Los Angeles means benefiting from both speed and affordability. The cost for one mover with transportation is approximately $75, making our service one of the most accessible options in the fast-moving market.

    Additional Services

    A team from an Affordable Moving Company can help you in many ways. To start from, we are extremely good at planning and managing your relocation. Also, we may offer special conditions for business owners when their request includes a significant move. If you plan to move away from Los Angeles, California, we can offer special tariffs for interstate relocations. We will put your belongings in a large truck with some other orders to make a move more economical. Do you need to keep your belongings somewhere while your next destination is getting prepared? Affordable Moving offers secure storage units in LA where things can stay for as much as needed. Need a same-day move in Los Angeles? Don’t wait! Contact Affordable Moving Company today for a stress-free move. For free quotes and consultation, call us or fill out our online contact form. Let’s make your move swift and seamless!

    A fresh take on Same-day moving services

    An average cost of a same-day moving service in Los Angeles is counted independently. The final price will depend on your specific situation, the number of workers that will help you, and the transportation difficulty.
    Please fill out a contact form on our website and describe your situation. Otherwise, you can call us and start discussing your solution in just the same minute. Our managers monitor the order list regularly and answer timely.
    Usually, the number varies from 2 to 5 according to the size of your house. If you need an urgent commercial move, the number will be higher. Also, you may ask for an additional pair of hands to move complicated items, e.g., a piano.
    We pick a truck for your move from a fleet with various options. You don’t have to carry about the truck’s size by yourself, as we will rate the number of belongings and offer an optimal one.
    An Affordable Moving Company has all necessary governmental licenses and insurance. Our workers passed through training, and we can prove it with corresponding documents.