A fresh take on moving

Affordable Moving Company services same-day local moves in most major cities in California. We also offer nationwide interstate moves with pick-up at Los Angeles Area & SoCal, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. To get a quote, answer some questions online or you may call us and we’ll build a team of professional movers and trucks personalized for the size of your move. If you would like extra help, our team can pack boxes, disassemble furniture, and provide packing supplies. Also labor work without truck is offered.

We are a fully licensed and insured company.

During the process of calculating your quote, we’ll ask some questions about the size of your move to help us determine the amount of movers and trucks you’ll need. Your quote will include the number of movers and trucks we’ll send on the day of your move.

If for any reason, you feel the number of quoted movers is too high or too low, make a booking and call us to revise your quote.

Yes. We will not move firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants and pets.

Complying for every type and size of move, we offer small 16ft trucks to medium-sized 26ft trucks, all the way to 18 wheeler trailers.