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Our team consists of experienced specialists who know how to load rented PODS or U-haul trucks, rearrange a furniture within a house, or do other work to help with your move.

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    If you have experienced moving, then you remember these feelings. All stages are quite difficult because you are afraid to forget or break something. Our moving company in LA offers high-quality moving services, including packaging, transportation, and unpacking. We do not care about the size of your belongings; we can handle any job.

    Our labor movers consists of experienced specialists who know how to pack even the most fragile items properly. We are attentive in our work to provide you with the best service at affordable prices. Moving will not be difficult, especially if you plan to transport bulky items or furniture.

    Contact our manager to discuss the details of the labor moving. We fulfill private and commercial orders with the fastest possible speed. We also have an accelerated moving service if you are short of time. You can trust us because we have a good reputation.

    Why Choose Our Labor Only Moving Company

    Labor movers

    Quality Supplies

    Our workers will carefully conduct all the necessary tasks for disassembling / assembling, moving, and transporting your belongings.

    Skilled Movers

    All our staff is appropriately educated and trained to provide only high-end service. You will feel safe and comfortable in our caring hands.

    Insurance and Licensing

    Our moving company possesses all the needed documentation for the kind of activities we provide.

    Happy Clients

    We already have thousands of positive reviews and happy customers who approve us as a reliable and high-quality moving labor services.

    Price Policy

    Our firm has a loyal price policy to make sure everyone can order our services.

    Customer Support

    Workers at our customer support service are very attentive, friendly, and willing to help during all stages of the move and even after it.

    Laborers to help move

    We Provide Solution

    2 Movers

    $ 129 .00
    per hour

    3 Movers

    $ 169 .00
    per hour

    4 Movers

    $ 209 .00
    per hour

    A fresh take on labor only moving service

    We count the team size according to your move’s specifics. Don’t hesitate that you will have enough labors to finish your relocations in the shortest terms and with all safety measures. If you are hurrying, please call us to hire additional laborers to help move.

    Yes, we ask customers or their representatives to come to open the relocation contract. We highly recommend staying with our team of LA movers at the start and the end. It will make the process more calmful for you first.

    Yes, we provide these services. It would be best to mention that you need them while estimating your quote with a manager.

    Yes, usually we bring dollys and wrap materials for labor work, but please specify any additional needs for planned job.

    Our company has all the necessary licenses and insurances.