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    Furniture Movers in Los Angeles

    Affordable Furniture Moving in/out Los Angeles

    Furniture transportation can be complicated, considering its assembly, disassembly, loading, moving, and so on. Affordable Moving is a company that moves furniture with a team of experienced movers. We have completed more than a thousand orders, and the level of complexity is not important to us. We have the necessary materials and tools to disassemble the furniture, transport it and assemble it in a new place. Our group works with any size and distance throughout California.

    If you need advanced furniture movers in Los Angeles, contact our managers for detailed information. We have a license and insurance so that you can be sure of the reliability of our company. Each mover is a real professional who does his job with high quality. You can hire our team to transport furniture from your office, apartment, home, and other residential or commercial premises.

    Furniture Moving Service

    Transportation of small household appliances and various boxes in Los Angeles is quite a doable task. But when it comes to furniture, you get nervous. Sofas, beds, cabinets, shelving, cupboards, and armchairs are quite large, so you need to think about disassembling and assembling them as well. But for our team, a big furniture moving is a simple job that is done with the utmost care. You do not need to remember the various details of furniture transportation; we take them under our control. Our Los Angeles moving company will attentively develop an action plan to simplify all transportation processes in the CA area and across country.

    We Provide Solution

    2 Movers + Truck

    $ 129 .00
    per hour

    3 Movers + Truck

    $ 169 .00
    per hour

    4 Movers + Truck

    $ 209 .00
    per hour

    Contact us to have our manager come to you to assess the scope of work. After discussing the details, we will begin work. You do not need to be distracted by various elements of work; we have everything you need. Our long-distance and local furniture movers in Los Angeles work on schedule without delays or failures. Do not worry about the safety of your furniture; our guys are very neat. Even moving heavy furniture is a common task for us. The cost of services is discussed before starting work; you will not receive unexpected payments after it is completed.

    Local and Long-distance Furniture Moving

    Many think a local move is much easier than a long-distance move. You are considering moving furniture around the city or even across a few of streets on your own or with the help of friends. But we, as a reputable moving company in LA, say that this is not easy. Distance is not a specific difficulty for us. We always carefully consider the route plan to minimize it as much as possible. Even moving furniture out of state will be done on time and intact.

    Disassemble and Reassemble Services

    We don’t just transport things; we offer movers that disassemble and reassemble furniture. If this is an office or apartment move, the disassembled furniture takes up less space in the truck, and you can even hire a car with a smaller capacity. Another advantage of disassembling furniture is the absolute elimination of any damage. If you are discouraged at the thought that moving large furniture is waiting for you, then it is better to call us. We have the necessary packing corners, boxes, ribbons, paper, and other materials carefully transporting particularly fragile items (glass, ceramics, wood, etc.).

    What Is the Average Cost to Move Furniture?

    You can hire movers in Los Angeles at a very competitive price. We have three service options that will include a certain number of loaders and truck capacity. If you need extra hands, we will add more movers for an additional fee. You can order 2, 3, and 4 movers and a semi-trailer or 16, 18, 22, and 26-foot trucks. Of course, the cost to move furniture is discussed individually. We take into account the distance, the complexity of the work, the amount of cargo, the services of assembly/disassembly, and so on. But we guarantee that the price you hear at the beginning will not change after. Affordable Moving understands that any move is associated with a certain cost, so we offer reasonable quotes.


    1. Initial Consultation: Book a session with our manager to evaluate your moving requirements and outline the project’s scope.
    2. Planning and Quotation: Get a detailed plan and a straightforward quote to ensure transparency and no hidden costs.
    3. Pre-Move Preparation: We collect all essential packing materials and gear to prepare thoroughly for your move.
    4. Moving Day: Our expert team skillfully disassembles, packs, and loads your belongings, handling both local and long-distance relocations with ease.
    5. Delivery and Reassembly: Upon arrival at your new home, we unload, reassemble your furniture, and arrange everything according to your specifications.

    There Are No Impossible Tasks for Us

    If you need big or small furniture moving, then contact us in any way convenient for you (by phone, email, or by visiting our nearby office). We are always glad to our clients and try to surround them with care and attention. Only an individual approach helps us to better understand the requirements and wishes of our customers. All the performed work allowed us to receive more than a thousand positive reviews. We are grateful to the people who applied to our moving company to move furniture. Our goal is to regularly improve our capabilities to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

    A fresh take on Furniture moving services

    The price will depend on different points: distance, the volume of work, truck capacity, the number of loaders, and so on. We also need to discuss with you whether you need to assemble and disassemble furniture.
    Our manager will come to you to evaluate the work plan. Maybe you don’t need a big truck. If you consider the disassembly of furniture, it will take up less space in the car. We have over 20 trucks in our fleet, so we will definitely find something suitable for you.
    First, we will discuss the scope of work, and then it will be easier for us to understand how many movers you need to hire. Perhaps two people will be enough to move a few small chairs. But we can offer 3, 4 or more movers.
    Yes, if you need to transport small furniture in Los Angeles, please contact our manager. It will not be difficult, and the work will be done as quickly as possible.
    Any heavy furniture will be transported with the utmost care. Our loaders are very strong, so they can handle even heavy loads. We have special fastenings, so it is safe.