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    Commercial moving

    Commercial moving comes with many challenges. But with us, you will get rid of any stress because we do our work with high quality. We have not only the necessary transportation but also careful attention to the packing, storage, and unpacking of your belongings.

    Specify what type of commercial property needs to be moved. It is important for our team to prepare the necessary materials and evaluate the scope of work. Small items will be carefully packed in craft paper with adhesive tape. Our team of movers in Los Angeles will also transport, unload and rearrange your desks, chairs, computers and office equipment however you like.

    Thousands of positive reviews from our customers prove that you can trust us. Contact our managers to discuss all the details of commercial moving.

    Why Choose Us as a Commercial Moving Company

    Los Angeles commercial moving company

    Packing Material

    We use only top-tier packages to make sure your belongings and electronics are carefully wrapped and packed.

    Affordable Cost

    We understand that you have lots of other expenses during moving. That is why we always make sure that the cost of our services is available for everyone.


    Documentation is always in order: we have all the necessary insurance and licenses.

    Assembly / Disassembly

    Upon your wish, our team will professionally disassemble and assemble your furniture and complete installations.

    Thousands of Reviews

    Check out how our clients described our service, and you will understand that you are in the right hands.

    Client Support

    Our staff is always ready to address all your questions and concerns at all stages of the move.

    Our professional commercial movers

    We Provide Solution

    2 Movers + Truck

    $ 129 .00
    per hour

    3 Movers + Truck

    $ 169 .00
    per hour

    4 Movers + Truck

    $ 209 .00
    per hour

    Los Angeles commercial movers

    Affordable Moving stands out as your premier choice for commercial moving services. Our expertise is not just in relocating businesses but in ensuring the transition is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs. With Affordable Moving, you gain access to a team of dedicated Los Angeles commercial movers who excel in making your move as seamless as possible, minimizing business interruptions and maximizing your satisfaction.

    What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to professionalism and affordability. We specialize in a comprehensive suite of services, from expert packing to secure storage solutions, all designed to accommodate the unique demands of commercial moves. Our approach is meticulous, ensuring every aspect of your move is covered with the utmost attention to detail.

    Choosing Affordable Moving means you’re not just moving your business; you’re elevating it. Our promise is a stress-free moving experience that allows you to focus on what’s important – your business’s future in its new location. Let us handle the logistics of your move with our proven expertise, making your transition a smooth and successful journey.

    A fresh take on business relocation

    Our specialists’ experience shows that one truck and 2-3 movers are usually enough to move a small company. But each move is considered individually. Contact us by phone or fill out the form on the website. We will ensure that the move is organized as quickly as possible and convenient for you.

    It depends on the number of goods and the type of goods to be moved. We have a variety of trucks from 16ft to 26ft. We can source the right truck for you and hire a team of movers who can easily handle the job.
    Yes, we offer an overnight storage service. It allows customers to remove old items, leave them in storage, and meet the movers at their new location. We help our customers to make a comfortable and safe move. That is why overnight storage is one of the obligatory services in our company’s range.

    Yes, we provide these services. It would be best to mention that you need them while estimating your quote with a manager. While discussing, please tell us if you have some extraordinary belongings to transport.

    The number of movers depends on the number of items, furniture, and fragile items. Also, it affects how quickly you need to organize the move and where your company’s office is. Every move is an individual approach to the customer. We will do everything to ensure that the service is provided quickly and accurately.

    Of course, yes. Our moving company in Los Angeles is fully licensed and insured. It is important for clients. We ensure the cargo is in transit. If anything happens to it because of our fault, we will compensate for it. We will carry out our work in a quality and accurate manner. Your cargo is in our capable hands.