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We provide both long-term and short-term storage. Let us care for your belongings.
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    Our moving and storage services

    Moving and Storage Services

    Scheduling all time frames during the moving can be difficult or even impossible. When the new home is still not ready, you need some place to store belongings. Our storage units help to solve this problem.

    The Affordable Moving and Storage company in Los Angeles provides both long-time and short-time storage. Our units help clients during renovations, long-distance moves, or storing seasonal decorations and furnishings. It is an excellent solution for decluttering your house.

    Our storage units are safe & secure. We also focus on confidentiality, so your belongings will stay safe & sound in a suitable place. Do you have some questions? Contact us to answer 

    Why Choose our moving and storage company

    Moving and storage company in Los Angeles

    Price Policy

    We understand that you have lots of other expenses during moving. That is why we always make sure that the cost of our moving and storage services is available for everyone.

    Insurance and Licenses

    All the services we provide are properly insured and licensed.

    Expert Packaging

    Before the storage, your belongings will be carefully and tidily wrapped up and packed with our professionally trained movers in Los Angeles. We are sure that every item is unique and give enough attention during the packaging to each thing.

    Packing Materials

    We work only with high-quality wrappings and packaging. Top-tier materials and blankets will gently preserve your belongings during the move, storage, and transportation.

    High-end Customer Support

    Address our support team in case any questions or concerns arise. They are always there for you.

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    A fresh take on moving and storage services

    Our storage units are secured and guarded 24/7. They are clean inside, well-maintained and temperature-controlled. Have peace of mind that your belongings are safe in our storage, just like you keep them at home.

    Don’t put easily flammable, hazardous, and explosive materials in storage units. We don’t recommend keeping chemicals, corrosives, batteries, and other dangerous things. Don’t leave for long-time storage any things that you must regularly maintain in a specific way. We can provide you with the complete list of prohibited items, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
    Usually, our clients ask for a storage unit if their new home is still not ready. Also, you can store things you are going to sell and don’t have enough space at your house. Short-time storage can also simplify long-distance moves.
    It is not necessary if you authorize our movers and use our storage unit. While using a third-party facility, please stay with our team during the drop-off.