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    Our Car Transport Service

    Car shipping is the delivery method of a vehicle from one location to another using specialized freight transport. Our company carries out car shipping in Los Angeles and nearby areas, and offers favorable terms to our customers.

    The service is available to commercial and private customers. We can pick up a car from your home and deliver it to the indicated place. Our professional car transport service takes care of everything.

    Why choose our company for car transportation

    Car transport service

    The Benefits Of Using Affmov For Car Shipping

    Cooperating with us for car shipping has several important benefits for customers:
    • high speed of transport;
    • cargo and liability insurance;
    • a wide choice of trucks;
    • reputable carrier;
    • open and closed type of transport;
    • individual attention to each customer;
    • cheap car delivery trailer hire;
    • information of customers along the way;
    • advanced technology for transportation;
    • possibility of door-to-door delivery;
    • temporary storage services for the vehicle.

    What is required from the client?

    When you choose our car transport company, we will do most of the work. The client is required to prepare such information in advance:

    • where to load the car;
    • location for delivery;
    • information about the automobile (trademark, model, dimensions, approximate price);
    • the type of delivery;
    • standard or expedited service.

    All the rest of the car shipping process is entirely our concern in LA, California.

    Contact the Affordable Moving company! Our local movers will deliver any car, even if your budget is limited, and guarantee reliable car shipping.

    Car shipping in Los Angeles

    Types of our  services

    Our car shipping company in Los Angeles offers two types.

    • Open carriage. Suitable for those looking for the best value for money, quality, and security. Several vehicles are transported this way at the same time. Customers can skip paying for the whole truck. Only for the space it occupies. Its disadvantages are lack of protection from external factors and more extended transport. But it is possible to protect the truck with covers and tarps;
    • Closed carriage. The use of closed truck trailers achieves maximum protection and guarantees vehicle safety. The trailer has a roof and side walls. Therefore, snow, rain, or small stones on the road will not be able to damage the car. This is the choice for those who need to deliver collector’s items, rare, exotic, and unique automobiles.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

    The price is formed depending on several important factors.

    • Path length. The more miles, the higher the price. But the longer the distance to the delivery point is, the cheaper you pay per mile. Also, note that the price will increase if the destination is further away from the highway;
    • Information about the car (model, make). Delivery of rare, classic, and collector cars is more expensive. Other vehicles can be bigger and taller than standard models. It  also incurs additional costs for the carrier;
    • The mode of transport. There are two of them – closed and open. Open trailers are cheaper. Closed trailers are special vehicles for individual transport. Their price will be higher;
    • Technical condition. If you do not need to use a crane or other equipment to load and unload the car, the service will be cheaper;
    • Speed of transport. Delivery can be standard and express. The first option is more expensive. But it takes more time. The second one is faster but more expensive.

    We strive to provide a fast, high-quality service at a fair price.

    To find out the exact price to ship a car, please get in touch with our managers by phone. Or fill out a contact form on our company’s website.

    We Provide Solution

    2 Movers + Truck

    $ 129 .00
    per hour

    3 Movers + Truck

    $ 169 .00
    per hour

    4 Movers + Truck

    $ 209 .00
    per hour

    A fresh take on car shipping services

    Yes. The car is secured in a unique open or closed trailer. No shifting during transport is possible. Our drivers are highly qualified and very well trained, guaranteeing you total security of your vehicle.
    Of course, it is. You save time and money. Especially if the car needs to be transported over long distances, you will only pay for the space in the trailer for your vehicle. Freight charges are higher.
    It depends on several factors. It is distance, destination, type of car you are transporting, and technical condition. We approach each customer individually to ensure all our customers are delighted with the price.
    You can choose standard transport or express delivery of a vehicle. A large number of trucks and a constant flow of clients from our company allow us to deliver quickly. You will not have to wait long.
    The place of loading and unloading the car is agreed upon with the client in advance. The car can be picked up from your home. Or you can bring the vehicle to us, where it will be loaded and sent or stored temporarily.