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No matter what sort of move you’re planning, Affordable Moving Los Angeles will help you prepare and do it affordably. Be it through our free moving cost calculator or our helpful tips on saving money; this is all that you need to calculate moving costs for your next relocation.

How to use moving price calculator

So, figure out how much moving is supposed to cost by using our free moving cost calculator. Just tell us where you will be moving from and moving to. Use the drop-down function to tell us how big the home is that you would like to move from—in bedrooms. What packing services will you need and the date of your moving so that you get prices from top-rated moving companies close to you?

Moving service estimate

What Determines the Cost of Your Move

Remember that when giving moving estimates, you need to include all direct moving expenses and any other additional costs. Included are the following:

  • Travel Costs: These are the costs incurred while relocating to a distance that is geographically far away. The considerations here would be the cost of the fuel spent and the labor regarding how much time shall elapse for the local movers to get from house A to house B.
  • How Big is Your Move: Moving much stuff? Not only will the move take longer to complete, but your shipment of belongings will also be heavier, which can result in a rise in cost. The general rule is that the more belongings you have to move, the more your move will cost.
  • Moving Services: Before the decision to go along this route is taken, get ready and be prepared for hiring movers to pack up your things may tack on a few hundred bucks extra—or more. Now, hiring packers may ultimately be worth it—because the truth of the matter is, it does save you time, energy, and much headaches in trying to clean out a house.
  • Finishing Touches: The following optional add-on services would also alter the price of your moving: Furniture disassembly and reassembly; Specialized items moving; Moving materials: stretch wrap, felt pads, mattress bags, etc.
  • Storage: This is moving to the type of location that is complex, in which all belongings can be held or stored before, during, or after a move. However, be prepared to pay for the service. This is usually the type of storage subject to rearrangement from moving company to moving company, so just ask for the specifics.
  • Moving Supplies: If you don’t get fortunate and find free boxes, then you need to budget for the cost of moving supplies. Cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper, and anything else you want to use all come to mind. Check out our Moving Box Calculator so you can calculate what exactly you need.
    Moving Date Remember—it’s not just how you move, but also when you move. This is because your specific moving date can dramatically affect the price. For instance, driving on the weekend or at the peak of the moving season can cost much more than an off-season, weekday move.

No matter when you hire a moving company, you will need to buy at least some of their liability policy packages; usually, these companies include a couple of tiers of protection in their bundles, such as the Basic Release Value Protection and Full Value Protection, but you can always choose to purchase additional moving insurance through other sources.

Other Miscellaneous Moving Costs and Fees

There are also likely some services or add-ons that have added fees that your moving needs would incur.

  • Specialty Moving: Find out if the move will involve unique material and skill in moving specialty items. Specialty equipment such as pianos, hot tubs, valuable artwork, or grandfather clocks might accrue additional costs.
  • Long Carry Fee: This fee may be applied if the moving company must carry your items a long distance to or from the rear of the moving truck to your house. This may sometimes apply when the car cannot get close to the house.
  • Stair Carry Fee: A charge is applied each time our movers must handle your goods up or down flights of stairs, multiple flights. It is most easily applied when a home has more than one level and more than average numbers of steps in a staircase.
  • Elevator Fee: This is an additional amount charged in cases where an elevator is considered necessary when moving from or to a location.
  • Unpacking services: The Costs of paying your movers to attempt to help you unpack all of your belongings and remove all of the supplies and debris can add up.

Shuttle Charge Some moving companies ship their services by shipping in to ferry goods from the house to the moving truck and vice versa. The service is usually necessitated by the fact that the moving truck cannot pack right into the house. For instance, your home is in an area without a parking space. In this case, you might require a shuttle to convey the items from the home to the truck. STORAGE: Do you need storage before, during, or after your relocation? Storage charges are separate and are available for short and long periods, as well as for storage-in-transit.

  • Extra Stops: You would probably pay an additional premium to a contract that stated the mover required extra stops. All this would be figured out based on the number of stops, distance, and labor related to it. For example, the mover might have to stop at your storage unit, pick up items, and then forward them to your new home. Urgent Delivery Services: In a hurry? Your stuff may take two weeks before reaching the other end of the country. If you need your things earlier than that, you will probably have just to pay a bomb for all these urgent delivery services. Gratuity: Gratuity is not a requirement, but it is always highly appreciated. Gratuity is also a way of enjoying “thank you” for work well done. Make sure to have some cash for when you feel like tipping the movers. With the estimate calculator for moving and relocations, estimation of the moving expenses, and moving calculators, you will have a closer estimate and then move further with the Affordable Moving Los Angeles.